Welcome to the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation Art Community- a Community of Artist promoting cancer awareness and survivorship through their mediums

                  Ending Cancer in our Generation (ECOG) is a joint operation between Jetty’s Brain Book and Lagomorph Studios to combine their efforts to make a difference for anyone who has been affected by cancer. The world of art has always been connected to the world of survivorship for Jetty. The Drs said she would never do art again but she struggled and worked through her shaking hands and struggling mind to complete her first degree in Fine Arts and then to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Division. Everyone deals with cancer differently but art allows even the person who doubts their talents to be able to express themselves freely. ECOG is a place for anyone who has been touched by cancer to come and express themselves through the arts. Survivors, Friends, family, co workers, everyone is affected by a cancer diagnosis.

We are striving to put an end to cancer's hold on our lives. We are promoting moving ahead with creative endeavors that have been put on hold due to cancer's affects. We also are working to help end the affects of cancer for one survivor by providing an annual art scholarship.

What are we all about?

The bigger purpose of ECOG is to help promote survivorship. One important element to stress here is that remission is not a cure and that many survivors feel left out on their own once they reach a certain point in their cancer journey, whether that is remission or so many years out. What leads them there is the idea that now you are safe; you have reached the magic word “remission” or the magic year out. In essence every person is different, while one can go forever with never being re-diagnosed, they may suffered from side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or medication for years after their initial diagnosis. This site and organization are here as a free place to express yourself and how you were feeling or are feeling now. No matter when you were diagnosed, or if you were diagnosed at all, this site is for you.


The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation is a federally registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit. We are registered with the Illinois Attorney General. Please see our documentation area for more information.

We are also on the new Giving Assistant which alows you to donate a portion of your money from over 1,700 stores to our nonprofit. We receive 100% of the donated money, so please think of joining Giving Assistant and linking to our charity!

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2017 Ram Scholarship for the Arts Winner Announced!


First Ever Kairi Love Grant Winner!!

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The Kairi Love Grant for Caregivers and Friends