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We are a small organization and our volunteers are our life line. We are always seeking new volunteers and could use all the help we can get. If you are looking for a way to help us grow or a way to help make a difference in the world, think about becoming an Ending Cancer in Our Generation volunteer. We have no required amount of time, no required amount of funds to raise. It is all about what you want to it be, all about what you put into it. As you know we are a registered 501 (c)(3) charity and we are able to write recommendations for colleges and jobs based upon the work you complete while volunteering with us. We hope to one day have small volunteer sects all over the world, currently we will be organizing everything online and then the volunteers can choose their own meeting times, events, and activities. We have a Facebook Group that we just started where you can share your ideas, your progress, chat with fellow volunteers and generally come together as our volunteer community. You can find our group here and you are all more than welcome to join.  We also have a few pieces of documentation that are available to our volunteers that can be printed straight from this page.


Volunteers Needed Sheets

These sheets can be used to advertise to acquire more volunteers in your local area. It is a great to be able to come together in person to make a difference. These will also come with business cards that can be attached to the sheets with an empty envelope under the sign.

Full Sheets   Half Sheets   Quarter Sheets


Volunteer Packets

We have volunteer packets that we can make for you if you would like to become a full fledged volunteer. Just send us a quick email (to ) with the following information:

Your Name

Your location (to connect you with others that might be in your area)

Your desired focus (to make sure that you get all the sheets you need)

These packets are custom made to your preferences so make sure to send us an email today!


This page will be updated soon with more pages and more sheets to help with the volunteer experience. You can also contact us if you have suggestions to make volunteering more fun or productive. Our volunteers are amazing and we would be nothing with you, so thank you for checking out our volunteer page!











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