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Ending Cancer in Our Generation is an organization promoting awareness and action for cancer survivors and their support circles through the world of art. It is an online community that is for survivors (and their support circles) to connect and share their artwork in all areas. We are striving to put an end to cancer hold on our lives. We are promoting moving ahead with creative endeavors that have been put on hold due to cancer's affects. It is paired up with the website Jetty’s Brain Book to offer as many resources as possible during their cancer fight. Every year we have a fundraiser to raise money for many different charities. Last years it was I’m Too Young for This! The SAMFund, Spirit Jump and the Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope and consisted of raffles, silent auctions of art and a small benefit concert.

Mission: Our mission is to create an online community where anyone touched by cancer can share their experience through their varying art forms. The larger mission is to promote survivorship and life after cancer diagnosis and treatment and to end the control that cancer has on our lives.

Our Vision is to be a resource and community for anyone who has been touched by cancer

Our goal is to make sure that no one is left in the dark on any topic or any issue through connections in art as well as connecting in an online community. That there is a place to share art with others who are around the world. We are also dedicated to providing at least one art scholarship a year to a deserving young adult cancer survivor

What is in a name?

You may be wondering what an art community has to do with ending cancer? Well, you would be right to wonder. Our name came from the title of the first benefit put together before we were a charity, we donated a portion of the money we made to young adult cancer charities, including ones that were fighting cancer. Since we were not a charity yet, the rest of the money went to building Jetty's Brain Book, which is now our sister site. This site is where you can find a lot of resources for fighting cancer and for surviving after your diagnosis. The phrase ending cancer in our generation is a play on words, as we want to end cancer in our lifetime but also in our age group. While we do not actively spend money on research, we are supportive of other charities who are working to find a cure. Our mission is to promote survivorship or life after remission. As Stupid Cancer (I'm Too Young for This Foundation) founder Matthew Zachery best put it " Cancer survivorship is an art; and the art of your survivorship is how you choose to get busy living." We at the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation are promoting the actual art and creativity that can aid in both recovery as well as pushing forward after remission. We hope that if our mission rings true in your journey that you will join our community or in our mission today. Remission is not the end; the sunshine, lollipop and rainbow vision some imagine it as. Side effects can stay long after that point and for many even remission is not a calming word. In this community, we all understand that life doesn't magically return to normal after remission and we are here to support your creative endeavors as you make that journey. We are a community that is open to all. We understand completely that it is not only the person who is diagnosed that suffers, worries, and feels pain during this time. It is the caregivers, the friends, the family members, everyone is affected by cancer in different ways and this is your place to talk, share and interact through that time. This is a safe community where no one's journey is more important, or justified than another's. We are a community of respect and appreciation of both creativity and strength. We hope to one day be the place where everyone can go to share and grow through art and creative expression until one day there will be an end to cancer in our generation. If you have any questions at all about our mission, goals, or anything really, feel free to email us. We are happy to answer anything you may be wondering.


Our History

While only in formal existence for less than one year at the time of this writing, we have already had an art themed benefit in October 2011. In 2012 we will award our first ever Ram Scholarship for the Arts and we will also publish our 2012 The Art of Fighting Cancer Edition with artwork from all over the world.

As the President of The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation, I would like to offer up a banner of welcome for anyone who has been affected by cancer who would like to meet in an open community to share your arts, thoughts and experiences. We are working hard to be the best community out there to promote survivorship and help art thrive in the world of cancer survivors and their support circles. The ultimate goal is to help one survivor feel a bit more normalcy when it comes to their art and their lives. To be able to complete that project they have been putting off. To make sure that cancer cannot damage every aspect of their lives. This program will be on going each year and if we raise enough funds there will be more than one scholarship or even larger amounts offered.

Ending Cancer in Our Generation began in 2010 with the Silent Auction and Benefit Concert held in October 2010 to raise money and awareness for young adult cancer. It had 51 baskets of donated items and had 4 bands playing including Derrick Hart and Animals Against Cancer and Alexa Wilkinson. This will be an annual tradition to raise money for Ending Cancer in Our Generation as well as other top names in the fight against young adult cancer. 

I worked on the Ending Cancer in Our Generation benefit concert and silent auction event, and while it was not a successful event, it did raise awareness in my community and pushed me to form this non profit. With the help of the Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope Life Grant, I was able to put on the benefit with no excess loss on my personal part, which allowed for me to form this nonprofit with my personal money. It is my honor to put together the artwork of all you wonderful people who have also been touched by cancer. 

Thank you for having faith in our mission and joining our community



The Long and Short of It

We are a group of people who have all been touched by cancer who are all incidentally artists. We want to promote the artwork that comes from the horrible news of a cancer diagnosis and more importantly the life that comes after. This is a place to promote survivorship. A place where we know full well that cancer doesn’t just come in and out of our lives with a clean sweep. It leaves its dirty, evil side effects for years to come. We understand that remission, while great, does not mean we are cured. We are here to listen, to help offer resources and to make sure you have a place where you can share your artistic creations. This site is continuously changing and with each new member we have a whole new perspective into the world of cancer. Every survivor is different, so every piece will be a window into their experience. This site is not only survivors though, it is anyone who has been touched by cancer and who wishes to express it in an art form.  We hope that through our scholarship we can help another survivor be able to express themselves through art and continue with their dreams.













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