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The Art of Fighting Cancer Scholarship Art Book-2012


Every year we will gather all of the submissions from out annual scholarship and organize them into a paperback art book. These books can then be purchased to raise more money for the scholarship. Artists have the option to Opt Out of inclusion in this book, so it is not guaranteed that all submissions will be included. The first Art of Fighting Cancer book was created in 2011 by Jetty Chan and it is a full color book that explores her cancer themed art about her diagnosis and life after cancer. These books will all be sold on Amazon and on our website. Please check back mid-year for more information on the 2012 scholarship book. The 2011 edition is available now and the 2012 edtion will be available in the fall.

**The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Official Book: The Art of Fighting Cancer is available now. You can get yours from Amazon by clicking here for $25.00 or you can buy them directly from this site for only $20 by filling out an order form here and paying with Paypal. :-) 100% of the profits go to the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation which runs this site. Buying from our site gives us $14 and it is $5 cheaper while Amazon gives us $9.00 for each sale