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While we offer a scholarship for young adult cancer survivors, we are also very aware the vital role that caregivers play in the survivor's journey. The Kairi Love Grant for Caregivers is named for the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation's President's precious Kitty. When she had to make the hard decision to put her kitty to sleep she decided to do something to remember her friend who meant so much to her. Kairi was a very special kitty. She was  found her when she was most needed. Jetty was moving into her own apartment and would be living by herself for the first time and it was as if Kairi knew that she needed her and she sought her out. Jetty does not remember why they (Jetty & Fish) stopped at that Wal-Mart in Litchfield on the way back up to Bloomington, but she does remember that they hadn't planned on purchasing kitty supplies! Kairi was just there: skinny and small and meowing at them. They fed her French fries and she let Fish pick her up (neither of these two things would ever willingly happen again). They put her in the car and started asking around to see if she belonged to someone. Inside the Wal-mart they found out that there were kittens born at the Burger King next door a while back and she might be one of those. They decided they would adopt her and she would be Jetty's kitty. They bought all the supplies to take care of her and made the rest of the trip up to Bloomington. Along the way Jetty was petting her and felt her stomach and realized she wasn't one of the babies, she was the mommy. They took away all her babies and left her all alone. She was so calm in the car as if she knew she was in the right place for her. She loved Jetty's apartment, she would play fetch with Jetty down the hall with her bell ball, and she slept right next to Jetty's head every night. When Jetty went to see Fish on the weekends, she came with her in a giant pet carrier (one for a medium sized dog since she wanted her to have lots of space).  When Jetty got sick in 2005, she would lie next to her and lick Jetty's head. Jetty had half her head shaved,  a large scar, staples and all that nastiness and Kairi just  wanted her to feel better. Even when they decided the kitties couldn't sleep in their bedroom, Kairi was allowed in. Jetty always wanted her to be by her side. She would purr and lay her head on Jetty's hands or arm. She was just wonderful. Anytime Jetty was sick or not feeling happy, she would take care of her. She was there when Jetty needed her the most and so it was decided that the best way to keep her in our lives would be to use the nonprofit to keep her memory alive. We have decided that we will be creating a new grant for caregivers of those who have/had cancer. She was amazing and she did more for her than some of the people in her life did during her roughest times. She was the best cat in the world.  We decided that for this award it would be classified as a grant. It would be open to any caretakers that would like to take on an element of art that was put off due to a cancer diagnosis of a loved one. You do not need to be a cancer survivor yourself, and you only need to be an art major in college if you want to use it for tuition.


All you have to do is fill out this application and then send a five (or more-limit 20) piece portfolio of your best work to



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