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Portfolio Requirements

            This scholarship requires between 5 -15 pieces. Please review your work and only send your best pieces. If you have only 5 really strong pieces, only send 5 pieces.  Having more pieces of art does not necessarily give an advantage if you are not confident in the pieces. If you have a website of work that is also acceptable, but you MUST specify which pieces you would like to count as your entries, only these pieces will be reviewed by the board.

Your portfolio is completely at your discretion. It can be fine art, writing, video, anything you wish to submit. The best way to complete the portfolio is to create the art, place in a well lit area and photograph it or for writing samples to send them in PDF form. Videos are best viewed through a 3rd party site such as YouTube.   Please also include a brief description of the art piece: media used, size, theme, etc. This will be used in the annual scholarship book along with your name, so please make sure it says what you would like printed. If you would like more information on the book, please read about it HERE.

Email your portfolio to: ECOGsubmissions @


A Quick Note about Submissions
The only acceptable submission will be PDFs or direct links to art websites or YouTube pages for videos.
Please save all files as your full name with an _ in between your first and last name

Save your images at a resolution of 300 PPI and the complete file should be no larger than 20MB

How to create a PDF in Photoshop and Word


Under the insert tab, insert picture and select you images. Resize and then save as a PDF or select the drop down of PDF as the save option if in older version.  Save it as your name.


Open all the images you would like to make a PDF (you may also place more than one on a page in a collage format if desired). Then FileàAutomateà PDF Presentation. Select Add Open Files (you can also move the files up or down depending on your preference). Make sure that Multi-Page Document is selected and then save it as your name.

Hard Copy Art:

If you feel you must submit hard copies of your artwork. We will NOT return them. In fact, any pieces of hard copy artwork will be donated to our annual benefit to raise money for next year’s scholarship. While it will still be your piece of art, you will not be paid from the sale of the artwork. So, please remember this if you really want to send in hard copy art. We will provide you with our direct address for safe delivery if you would like to go this route.



By applying for this scholarship you are agreeing that we can post your name, cancer type and artwork on our site, in print and in any way we deem fit for our organization in promoting our scholarship. You will not be paid for any artwork that is used by our organization.  By submitting the portfolio section of this scholarship you are acknowledging that The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation has permission to use your artwork and any reproductions of it, for any purpose whatsoever, without further compensation to you. We will make every effort to share with you how we use your art, if outside of posting on our website; we will also make every effort to provide you with a hardcopy for your personal portfolio.

Every year we will print an Ending Cancer in Our Generation, The Art of Fighting Cancer Annual Scholarship Art Book. This book will be sold with proceeds going to support this scholarship. If you would not like your work to be used for this book, please include this in your email with your portfolio submission.  There is no option for waiving artwork use in other fashions that we may deem fit. You will of course be acknowledged as the creator in the book along with the details of the artwork. It is our hope that this would be a great way to boost resumes and make art connections or to sell the originals.  Sadly, we will be unable to send copies of the book to those who are printed in the book as everyone who applies will be in the book*. To learn more about the book please go HERE. Again, there will be no compensation of any kind whatsoever for artwork submitted for this scholarship.

Please also note that your participation has no affect on the judgment of your portfolio. Scholarship awards are based solely on the guidelines here and Opting in or buying a book will NOT raise your likelihood of winning this scholarship.


*unless the artist chooses to Opt Out


Please review our Privacy Statement here.



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