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            As you may have read from the Write up Page this scholarship is being offered by our charity as a way to make a difference for one young adult cancer survivor artist* It will require a portfolio with work from 5 to 15 pieces, as well as a short essay. Finalist will also need to provide signed medical Proof of diagnosis if choosen. The winner will need to provide documentation for how the scholarship is used. It MUST be used on art items or may in certain circumstances be used for art tuition if a student.  If you are interested in learning more, please check out the side bar for more information on each piece as well as how you can help.

What are we all about?

This scholarship is a way to help young adult survivors continue their education or complete a project or creation that they have had to put off or struggled with since their diagnosis. Cancer will change our lives but it can never take away our passion. Since I was diagnosed, I put off many projects and many passions I wanted to complete, but lacked the money or the time to complete them. However in the past two years I have taken control of my art and focused it to complete many projects, including the forming of this scholarship. Together with the board of directors for the Ending Cancer in Our Generation, we will make sure that at least one artist will be able to do something that they love. We can guarantee that cancer does not take everything away or change everything for at least one survivor. Art can make a huge difference in the world and our community is dedicated to making sure that survivors and anyone affected by cancer have a place to connect, network and grow as artists. As our community grows we will be able to offer more scholarships and we will be able to help create more projects, pay more tuition and help more survivors feel a bit of normalcy in their wild cancer world.


NEW 2021+ Scholarship Requirements

Have Had Cancer
*Special Consideration given to Glioblastoma Multiforme survivors

Have been diagnosed as a Young Adult (Age 17-35)
Be A US Resident or Citizen
Must be used for an Art Related expense
Requires a portfolio of 5-15 pieces

*If we raise enough money, more than one scholarship may be given.


       Scholarship Winners!

Welcome to Our Family!

    Amillya ‘Milly’ Naeger    


Please click the image above to see a complete portfolio and brief bio of our newest Ram Scholarship for the Arts Winner.

  Dates to Remember  

The following are dates that are general dates to remember. Given the small nature of our nonprofit, we now accept applications year round. Our tax year ends on December 31st, it is our intention to announce the winner(s) prior to this date annually as applicable.

March 15th- Application Due
June 15th- Portfolio and Essay Due
July 1st- Finalist Announced
Aug 1st- Winner Announced




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