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The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation


Jetty started working on her book: Jetty’s Brain Book with her diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme (brain cancer) and she knew she wanted to make a website with it as well. She developed Jetty’s Brain Book the Website in early 2010. In early 2009, she started her dream of Lagomorph Studios, a contract art studio where they make art for anyone with a dream and in early 2011 it received a formal overhaul. Now, both of her dreams have combined to form The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation so that she can offer a place of understanding and encouragement through art. There are no bad pieces here and everyone is an artist no matter what doubts may be present. In 2010, ECIOG has its first annual Silent Auction and Benefit concert to raise money and awareness for young adult cancer. It had 51 baskets of donated items and had 4 bands playing including Derrick Hart and Animals Against Cancer and Alexa Wilkinson. In 2011, it has its first official benefit with over 77 baskets. This is an annual tradition to raise money for ECIOG as well as other top names in the fight against young adult cancer. So, click around and take a look at the art. Think about purchasing The Art of Fighting Cancer; an art book of cancer related pieces that explore the world of cancer through the art of a survivor. All proceeds of the book go to ECIOG and the mission of helping survivors.  She has a degree in Fine Arts and her passion lies in video games and 3D modeling. Her dream is to work in the video game industry and make games that are accessible for everyone.

Vice President/Chairperson & Treasurer
Matthew Fish

Matthew Fish is a caregiver and has over 7 years of cancer experience through the eyes of a person who has to watch from the outside of the treatment, the side effects, and the cancer life of the survivor. Matthew Fish is an accomplished author with over 5 novels, two poetry books, and one printed webcomic book. He is also a supremely talented artist in both digital arts as well as traditional art. He plays guitar (electric, acoustic, and bass), keyboard, ukulele, mandolin, and just about any other instrument he puts his hands on. His passion lies in writing and creating beautiful works of art. His dream is to have his novels turned into movies.

Secretary & General Board Member
Richard 'The Pirate' Gardner-

Richard while not a primary caregiver, he has been a part of the support circle for many years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He was also unicycle act captain in the Gamma Phi circus- where he also did juggling, balancing, and fire eating. He dabbles in many areas of art including 3D printing, gaming, and studying Japanese. His passion lies in using technology to make art and his dream is to make the world suck less.



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